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To build an UBUNTU community requires a community. Most [...]

Grand Island, Nebraska
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To build an UBUNTU community requires a community. Most (if not all) of us, right now, find ourselves in a situation where there simply are not enough people in our area who are interested in starting an UBUNTU community. Now, in time, that will change as the current economic and political system starts to collapse. Also, if Michael Tellinger's South African electoral strategy is successful, interest in UBUNTU would be expected to grow. All that notwithstanding, it is likely to be some time before most of us find ourselves surrounded by people who wish to build an UBUNTU community. This begs the question: what should one do in the meanwhile? To me, the single most important (though not the only) thing that you can do right now is to follow your passion. You see, your passion is what you are going to contribute to your UBUNTU community--both, in the building of it and in the running of it. So, whatever you are passionate about--whether it be art, engineering, gardening, or whatever--work on developing your abilities at that. In this way, when the day arrives for you to begin building your UBUNTU community in a practical way, you will be well-prepared to make your contribution. Thanks.
You've brought up some very salient points and I agree. I live in a small town that is so small that would have to be a part of a cluster of towns that band together to make Ubuntu work, even if there was a majority of folks on board. So there is one way to get a Ubuntu community going, a cluster of small towns. There is another possibility and that I am working on. I am looking for a town that is large enough to make Ubuntu work, get some interest going and send out the word to the ongoing Ubuntu community that there are opportunities for anyone who shows up to work on projects and turn the town into to a functional Ubuntu community. It might even work in the town I am in but I think it would take longer. It will take some planning and financial resources and I am working towards both at this time. I also like your idea of gaining experience in daily life. It could be developing an existing passion or beginning the study of something new that would be of benefit to a Ubuntu community.
Friday 24 June 2016, 17:49:48
Cat Sun
You both bring up great points! I too have been thinking quite a bit along these lines; trying to come up with creative and inspired ways to bring Ubuntu to the Here & Now regardless of where we happen to be on the path of full implementation. I have been focusing on my passions more and more each day and just as you say Michael, it has very powerful effects simply doing that. Starting a garden, growing food and Volunteering, even starting community projects where we live are a couple others. For me personally a really big part of this transition is making a concerted effort to create a sense of CONNECTION & COMMUNITY in whatever ways possible. This seems to be something that most of us can use more of- it's so easy in this current money system to just put our noses to the grindstone and plough through our days. It feels really good to make more connections and create more deep relationships with people!
Saturday 25 June 2016, 00:55:33
Texas Techy
I agree that small towns present our best chance for success because of the small town mind set that typically displays a more conservative and old fashioned attitude toward America and freedom. And though I'm not sure how Vermont was chosen, I can picture the creation of a criteria that would rate small towns for the moist potential for success. My only fear for Ubuntu in America is our government, who in recent years is shutting down growers on a small level, and have even gone as far as to classify terrorists in the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) as anyone who has two weeks of food stored in their homes. So, I'm not sure that Ubuntu will be allowed past it's infancy. If it begins to take off, I feel sure there will be government intervention.
Saturday 25 June 2016, 14:12:48
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