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Ar! I have a lot of time on my [...]

Plymouth, Plymouth
via FCP - United Kingdom - South West - Plymouth
Ar! I have a lot of time on my hands and am immediately concerned about the lack of public awareness regarding the radiation given off by 3G, 4G and wireless technologies... They're pushing into all schools andits sterilizing the girls and female teachers. Big problem with TETRA in hospitals and the emergency services too
Its nothing but 3G wireless here in Australia, everywhere I go I see signs of free WiFi etc. The one works for me is holding my crystals to help ground me.
Saturday 25 June 2016, 05:35:11
Check out Barrie Trower on youtube, or wherever else you can find him
Saturday 25 June 2016, 09:15:19
Hi GT, i'm aware of Barrie Trowers work, do you know if certain mobile phones are safer than others and if so where/how to find out ?
Friday 9 September 2016, 20:07:06
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