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Hello, my name is Sebastian and I'm from Ca, USA. [...]

Pleasanton, California
via Ubuntu Planet
Hello, my name is Sebastian and I'm from Ca, USA. I want to learn more and maybe start my own community someday ASAP. Itsunami been a dream of mine to live within a small community that benefits eachother but I wasn't expecting or looking for that when I stumbled across a YouTube video about Ancient societies and tech. All of it was fascinating but there are so many questions and problems I have no answers to. I'm very curious.
Great attitude, keep reading on here and follow links
Saturday 25 June 2016, 09:41:08
Yes, keep reading and watching Michael's videos. Some people on here are very astute and informed also, and can answer many questions you may still have. Welcome aboard!
Saturday 25 June 2016, 13:55:40
Nichola Lake Gilbertson
Read the Ubuntu Contributionism book, it has all the answers!… There is also a ebook that you can start reading now.
Saturday 25 June 2016, 14:46:37
Texas Techy
I've been following this and other organizations that are looking to change the way we live to a more freedom-based lifestyle that isn't controlled by the elitists and banking cartel. I was really happy to find Michael's site and videos. As an engineer and technology professional, I try to stay open minded about the things that are going on around us. In the past decade, I've learned a lot about the truths that we're not being told... and it is often painful. But I'd rather live the pain of the truth than to live a lie. We need to ban together and keep our eyes on the future and what is right. I feel blessed to have been shown so much.
Saturday 25 June 2016, 15:01:53
Sebastian Marshall
Thank you. I will read the book starting today and keep this thing going. I hope it is a rabbit hole that gets deeper and more intriguing as I learn more. I am tired of the societies this world produces. So much is wrong with the thinking in the world. If there is a better, yet realistic way, than I want it for my Family and friends. But how in the world would we defend that freedom from tyrrany?
Saturday 25 June 2016, 17:44:54
Hey man "bem vindo" or welcome in Portugal
Sunday 26 June 2016, 09:22:10
awsome see you join and searching more, seeking more, not just get in and stay in! Becouse it's informed and attitude members we need!
Sunday 26 June 2016, 09:24:12
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