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Good Morning from Kakamas in the Northern Cape, South Africa! [...]

Kakamas, Northern Cape
via Ubuntu Planet
Good Morning from Kakamas in the Northern Cape, South Africa! I have been employed in the mainstream job market but do not want to be part of that slavery system anymore and have left the job market. I have looked for ways to prosper outside of the matrix system and would like to bring this to the Ubuntu movement's attention.

For the Ubuntu movement to thrive massive funding is required, indeed we all need funds in the current paradigm. I believe I have come across a simple yet incredible way to generate virtually unlimited funds for the movement and ourselves. However, I believe that if this system is approved and adopted by the Ubuntu movement it should be rolled out form the top for maximum benefit to the movement.

Therefore if someone representing the movement at a senior level would like to contact me for information I would be pleased to share it.

Deleted User
Hi Lourens - Janet, George Western Cape RSA. email: [email protected]
Sunday 26 June 2016, 15:38:47
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