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Seriously I think this lady is now a traitor. [...]

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Seriously I think this lady is now a traitor.…
she is , but I doubt she has the ability to do what she thinks she can, plus there are many in scotty land that voted brexit, just more desperate fear porn !
Sunday 26 June 2016, 18:29:34
Too True Quote -
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Phillpots Jun 26, 2016 9:25 AM
Stop making threats you can't follow through with. She is now a traitor to the UK.
Sunday 26 June 2016, 18:49:37
Hi phillpots, just seen this one, Sooo desperate now!…
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:00:42
Interesting. Not surprised though. Thanx
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:05:44
Typical Scot, they don't care who mugs them off, just as long as they aren't bloody English! And they love anyone Englnad doesn't, its part of their national psyche!! Sorry Scots, ye ken I pullin yer pisser!! Forever squabbling sibblings
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:18:36
Let's make English whisky and really rub her up!
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:30:28
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:31:13
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:35:47
The cartoon is of her, it's in her home , well says a lot now ! Her hubby got it commissioned , apparently ....
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:37:09
Half a bottle of Bucky away from total psycho nut job!
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:38:58
Her and her ilk.
Sunday 26 June 2016, 19:40:45
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