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Greetings Full Circle Project! I speak to all of [...]

Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Greetings Full Circle Project! I speak to all of you from heart.

We all have been preparing/prepared for change and are coming full circle now.

It does not matter where we live, what country we live in. The borders, the divides that the powers that were created to separate us - lets join together now to shatter those divisions! Lets join together through Unity, Cooperation, and Financial Support. We are ONE Humanity!

Cosmic Disclosure - Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message Part 1 (January 2016) David Wilcock Episode 3, 35 Minutes
In this special presentation, Michael Tellinger joins with Corey Goode to discuss how the Ubuntu philosophy meshes well with the message from the Blue Avians. Understanding this intersection is key to overcoming the ...

Cosmic Disclosure - Ubuntu and the Blue Avians' Message Part 2 (March 2016) David Wilcock Episode 9, 42 Minutes
Michael Tellinger returns to expand upon the Ubuntu philosophy and how it meshes with the message from the Blue Avians. Ubuntu philosophy, as favored by the ranking members of the alliance, may be the means of reaching

REMEMBER, IT ONLY TAKES ONE SMALL TOWN TO CHANGE THE WORLD. The One town will have a domino effect. It matters not if it is in South Africa, Europe, Australia, Canada, ect... It does not matter!! We are ONE HUMANITY!

1. Michael Tellinger gives an update on the media activity and necessary funding required to achieve a visible media presence in the 2016 Municipal Elections in South Africa. The elections are on 3 August 2016. We have to give it all we have to win just ONE SMALL TOWN and start the domino effect. Please keep supporting us by making a donation towards the campaign costs here:…;…

2. Lotus Lodge in bolton Vermont is also expanding for Ubuntu and AS Ubuntu. All funds, money and resources go right back into the expansion of this movement. WE ARE ready the time is now!!!!! the community is ready Vermont is ready!!! We have less than 3 weeks! We need each other's help to raise final funds for the first Ubuntu community in the United States. Please donate to our campaign by clicking the link below. We can do this together!…

IT IS UP TO US TO COOPERATE NOW WITH: Portals, waves of ascension, the event, source energy, and when a Ubuntu - Contributionism Community is operating many of our brothers, sisters, ourselves will awaken quickly. We can and will all learn from each other!

It is up to us to use positive common sense action undertaken by the people themselves, to empower the individual and local communities by gathering together in ever-widening circles of focus and agreement. By examining vital issues and applying effective methods we can usher in a more cooperative and caring society based on unity, cooperation, abundance for all, and honesty.…

Joint Cobra / Corey Goode interview by Rob Potter. They are showing us by example how to cooperate. So I am asking you to help financially support Michael Tellinger in South Africa, USA, or any other country that is presenting an opportunity of change.

Victory To Us, we are the Light, we are One! In unity and resonance, Sylvia
this platform will put a semi-colon ; behind a link and it will not open, try taking it off to see the information. Thank you!
Sunday 26 June 2016, 16:20:07
thanx for the info & motivation Sylvia
Monday 27 June 2016, 08:31:46
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