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I was chatting to someone who was an LSA (Learning [...]

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I was chatting to someone who was an LSA (Learning Support Assistant) in a secondary school. I'd heard about rooms many schools have where 'misbehaving' children are sent, in a kind of 3 strike rule and I was asking her about this. Where she worked, there was this room and if you are sent there, you are made to sit, facing the wall, all day, with no interaction with other students. If your behaviours persist, then there was a mobile classroom, where you were further isolated, including mealtimes, and this isolation could last weeks...
What the actual fuck.
I would laugh at the thought of the gov't wanting t start a 'home school register', so that they can make sure children are 'safe' from abuse, but what is this apart from abuse?
As ever, it's all about the surface, never about the absolute shambles that is the 'education system'...
Oh, also, there's a school in the Midlands where they are banning talking in the main corridor so that children don't loose their focus between lessons...
You go to school, surrounded by a perimeter fence, if you're late, your parents can get fined, persistently late, then there's a knock on your door. You can't talk between lessons and if you don't conform, you are basically secluded.
And all this BEFORE you've had your dose of cognitive dissonance drummed into you for the day, your opinions rubbished and your individuality that you exist in some beige wasteland where everyone is the 'same', but different, where you can have opinions so long as they conform with the majority, and you can create but only within the lines...
I don't know what I can do about this whole 'seclusion' bollocks, but I'm bloody well going to do something...
More astonishing nightmares Nick... they coming thick & fast these days what does your LSA friend say about the general concerns in their department (if any!) ? I mean is there any way to gather force 'from within' and then take to the parents so its evidently not 'just' an occasional case? Dunno... folks seem so numb....I mean you and I would just remove the children from school- if they were ever there in the first place More of a military regime appearing on all levels. Knowing some of your abilities how about the kids having an art-show or big public mural (out of school of course!) where they can perhaps express the situation at school/institution. No lines, naturally!
Saturday 4 May 2019, 09:08:43
She's left the school, now. Works with me in the same little care home!...she says she'll never forget much of what she saw going on, either by staff or pupils, It's the same as any dis-ease. Never addressing the underlying issues, only the surface. I'm researching this in general, seeing what schools say in their policies etc. Seeing if there are any news articles. My oldest lad and my oldest nephew are both in secondary schools so I'm hearing what their schools have in place. And I can get more access to those schools, info wise. Bringing these situations up with my family and others I work with, so they might see what their children's schools are like. It just seems so normalised. But it's not OK, right???????????????????
Monday 6 May 2019, 08:48:32
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