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Hello everyone, In case you missed the latest collaboration session [...]

Savage, Minnesota
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Hello everyone, In case you missed the latest collaboration session on Sunday night, here is a YouTube recording so you can go back and listen to it.…
[deleted user]
I can't wait to get in on that cell phone service! I'm sure we all pay waaaay too much for our cell phone services. Thank you to all that were involved in this and power to the people:-)
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 15:24:24
Yes me too. Cell phone and internet. It is $45 per month unlimited access and 5G. Individuals can purchase hardware to establish local area coverage and get reimbursed over time. This avoids the big cell phone banditos all together.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 15:27:48
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 16:59:51
[deleted user]
I don't know. It doesn't seem to me to be ready. Did anyone else find different? Starr will fill us in on the details Im sure. I do have questions. The first one being 'do I need to buy another phone from them? perhaps a dumb question.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 17:24:42
Nichola Lake Gilbertson
There are no dumb questions Kat. I was thinking the same thing.
Thursday 30 June 2016, 16:33:50
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