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Humans on the surface of the Earth, like our Inner [...]

Grand Island, Nebraska
via Ubuntu Planet
Humans on the surface of the Earth, like our Inner Earth brothers and sisters, are meant to be stewards--not owners--of the Earth. No one owns Gaia except Gaia. We are meant to live in harmony with the elementals, plants, and animals that we share the Earth with, in addition to living in harmony with one another (and with our Agarthan brothers and sisters). We are here to enjoy the immense beauty of the Earth but, also, to preserve that beauty for others, who will follow us, to enjoy. My unconditional love to each of you.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 19:59:31
Energy Kool
Much Love to you too and to everybody <3
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 01:23:12
yes! you got it!
Thursday 30 June 2016, 02:57:26
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