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Dover, Kent
via The Full Circle Project
As far as I'm concerned NASA and the media (especially some alternative media sites) have been peddling this for years. I'm not convinced it's true.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 19:59:08
watch it before you make your mind up it is not what you think it is
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 20:01:23
Seen to many I'm afraid.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 20:04:44
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I have just settled down to a choice of approx 3 channels on TV. There's bugger all on. Monckton's on Richies show so I might as well.
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 20:16:39
Tuesday 28 June 2016, 20:17:21
I have seen alot about this an read a lot too. I am 50/50. In the ancient texts there is a lot of mention about it and my spiritual teacher talks about it. I do remember a lot of talk in the 80’s about planet x? It makes a lot of sense and a lot of things add up ancient texts talk about increase earthquakes and extreme weather leading up to it’s arrival! However they do say it should be here and visable if it’s haveing these effects! Logically I think it’s very plausible, we can’t do anything about it so just have to rock on and continue to wakeup up the masses and try and sort humanity, if it comes we won’t be able to do anything so lets deal with it when it does, if people are awake then we are more likely yo , so lets focus on the great awakening !
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 10:27:48
I started to watch it but never finished it. I might tonight. A classic slanging match on Richie's show with Munckton was to good to miss. What a laugh.…
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 11:00:00
Might watch later wow he’s a funny looking man :)
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 11:50:42
[deleted user]
Ha - If there's ever a candidate for someone looking like a Lizard - It's Monckton... Perhaps that was why he was getting so tetchy ???
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 12:35:40
[deleted user]… ... Jesus, just paint him green and you've got a full on reptilian.
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 17:38:59
Ironic is not. I reckon he showed his light on this show. I was 50/50 now I'm 100% he's a shill.

Goodbye Monckton.
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 17:47:14
[deleted user]
Yeah - Although I do agree with some of the things he says I don't think I could ever trust fully anyone who holds the title of Lord before their name..
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 18:30:05
Too true
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 18:31:53
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