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Hello! I am in the Ocala, Gainesville area, I am [...]

Ocala, Florida
via Ubuntu - United States - SW Florida - Sarasota
Hello! I am in the Ocala, Gainesville area, I am attending the webinars, so inspiring, and of course I recommend all newcomers to watch the series on Gaia TV Hidden Origins, it includes a multi-part seminar held by Michael in Gaia TV Studios with Q&A in every session.
Just moved to Gulf Coast, near cedar key
Sunday 28 August 2016, 03:37:32
Carin H
Welcome Areeza! That is a beautiful area, lots of nature!
Monday 29 August 2016, 14:18:10
Carol B
Hello. I am in Clearwater. My daughter lives in Gainesville, so I get up that way sometimes.
Wednesday 21 June 2017, 22:10:02
Hi Carol! Welcome to our community
Friday 4 August 2017, 20:28:16
Carin H
Hi Carol! Welcome, it seems quiet in here, but I do understand that we all get so busy, welcome and I am here, even though in that "busy" group!!
Saturday 5 August 2017, 22:15:09
Carol B
Hello, everyone. Areeza, I have been to Cedar Key a couple of times. In fact I'm thinking of relocating near there too.
Monday 7 August 2017, 02:49:53
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