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I have been feeling energy burst then extreme exhausted. I [...]

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I have been feeling energy burst then extreme exhausted. I am meditating and feeling energy flowing threw my hands and back. Is this a good thing? I feel good afterwards. My 13 years young pup started getting muscle craps that send him screaming in pain along with tears. This started last Friday. I put him on my lap and had one hand about an inch from his sour spot and the other hand softly rubbing him. BTW. he is a hairless chihuahua/ barnyard terrier. I also had some sacred herbs with thc and cbc rub stick I use for my back pain, and rubbed this on his skin. I did this for about an hour five times or more this weekend. I thank the Arcturians for their healings, I say that because I asked them each time to help me help him get better or heal. Yesterday, He got up without crying, screaming, nor cramping up as he did. He is still a bit slow getting up, but overall he is doing much better. The thing about this is I was getting cramps in my legs for about two months waking me up in pain, and tears around 2 am. The cramps in my legs at one time went up to my right side of my face which freaked me out. With all this happening, I sat down and noticed my heart was racing. I remember touching my heart and then I closed my eyes. About a half hour later in think,( I didn't look at the clock or don't remember doing it) I open my eyes looking around then my face started to hurt. I didn't realize I was grinning . Everything was gone, my heart was back to normal like nothing ever happened. I have feeling of knowing more than I know, if that makes sense. It is like it is right there, yet ??? Anyone else going through something like this or similar?
Hi CKasey M, hope you feel better! No the pain part , but the feeling that i know something that i can not remember and I want to remember is so intense at times that it feels me with lots of anxiety! It is like i am waiting for something to happen. I know lots of people are feeling different things. I do meditate and it seams to make me feel better but the feeling always comes back! Love and Light for All as One!
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 18:19:54
[deleted user]
Hey Kasey:) I am Feeling EXTREMLY tired now, it is crazy and beside that it is like time is running away, I am so tired that I barely get things done that I usually do, household ecetera. we are currently doing a lot of things since we built our home last year and still there is a lot to do but I feel like time is quickening up so much. I felt my heart for quite some time, like a short stab pain and then fastly fading away again.This symptom with the heart is gone now. I heard Angina is one symptom in the Ascension process. Also I think fastening of the pulse. There are a lot of side effects of this Ascension process and fortunately we know about it,, I never had heart problems and since I am very sensitive and medial I know where it is coming from. Taking it easy is often easier said than done when there is a pile of work waiting for you but me and my mate just decided to make a break from working at home like crazy because it is needed and I guess this is very important to do.:) I have a dog too, a bernese mountain dog:) I am asking the arcturians too when I am very tired to help me vitalize again, and it always helps, you can try it while meditating.
love and light to you!
Thursday 30 June 2016, 15:06:04
Kasey M
Thank you for your response to my issues, I see others as well as I are feeling these types of feelings. Love to you all
Saturday 2 July 2016, 13:56:29
Much Love to you too!
Wednesday 6 July 2016, 13:46:08
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