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Is anyone here interested in emf and rf radiation..i [...]

Breslau, Ontario
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Is anyone here interested in emf and rf radiation..i have some info I would like to share with you .
We all should know about this for health reasons.It effects all of us. It causes ms ,leukemia ,chronic fatigue, Alzheimer , the list goes on . There is a cheap and simple way to find emf .I purchased a Gigahertz meter me3830b to find emf for about $200.00 Canadian it works ok but nowhere as good as a ( Stanley stud finder model # 77-110 ) you can buy on ebay for under $20.00 u.s. ) very simple to use.It is used in cabinet installs to find studs and wiring ..
The way to use it is to find emf is to hold the side button down and approach any appliances that is plugged into the wall lamps , power cords ,alarm clocks ,power tools ,printers ,ceiling lights and the list goes on .As you approach the appliance that is plugged into the wall it start ti beep faster and faster, that is how you find electro magnetic field radiation .
My suggestion to you is to unplug everything when not in use ,especially in your bedroom when you are sleeping .Our bodies re-energize when we sleep but with the emf it is making us weak and over time it will kill us just like smoking and eating gmo ,drugs ,vaccines . Please research Earthing by Clint Ober .
take care and be safe

will post other info later

Thanks for that, nice one!
Thursday 30 June 2016, 08:13:07
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