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Hey you all:) I wanted to know is anybody else feeling [...]

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Hey you all:)
I wanted to know is anybody else feeling like TIME IS RACING like crazy? It feels to me like it is even becoming more faster and faster since it has already been before. You get out of bed and whoosh it is already evening and you go back to bed hehe. Anybody else feeling this? Why is this happening so extreme now? Any idea? I am just curious. thank you love and light to you:) Martina
Yes, Completely agree, Martina. It is Friday and, in the blink of an eye, Friday again - for others, Monday and Monday Time compression which encourages us to be as mindful as possible with it. At the same time, when with a loved one time seems to extend infinitely. Elastic I guess... Seems perhaps a nice question to ask Cobra in the next interview? V
Thursday 30 June 2016, 18:56:41
[deleted user]
thank you Sylvie for answering, yes I guess it is that way. I learned to be very present because of this actually, you have no choice other than is just funny it feels like we are truly all in an Illusion, just like a theater play:)
Saturday 2 July 2016, 09:02:50
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