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Bee Story of the Day I was touring the Vatican a [...]

Mochdre, Conwy
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Bee Story of the Day

I was touring the Vatican a couple of years ago. Bee symbols everywhere. 'Why?' My wife asked. 'I don't know' I replied. I think I do now. The other day I was talking to friends in their garden and we just so happened to stumble on a bird box that was lying on the floor. The lady picked it up and immediately bees came out. She dropped it and we both backed off to assess the situation. She said 'Perhaps its a bunch from Pete's next door, he's recently bought a hive.' I didn't know he had done this. He came round and said, 'No they are not mine they are bumble bees not honey bees that I have.' After the man of the house came round and said 'Kill them.' Pete went ballistic and said, 'Do not do that.' 'I will' said the man of the house. Arguments continued. I said 'Can you (Pete) take the bird box to your garden and smoke them out at a later date and bring the bird box back in few days.' He said 'Yes I'm fine with that.' I took it round covered up and placed it in his garden. He then showed me his new hive. It fascinated me as we both stood close to the hive watching all the activity. He then went on to tell me about how the hive works. The Queen and other bees (accustomed to administers and police) who look after her and the running of the hive. Then the worker bees (who only live for six weeks) and they go out as soon as they come into this world. Starting to sound familier. Am I totally wrong with this? Anyone come up with a different version?

Got a nest of bumble bees in my roof. Guess what? They are staying there.
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