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I went to a meeting at the Glenorchy City [...]


Mount Nelson, Tasmania
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I went to a meeting at the Glenorchy City Council last week about a new cell tower that a big Telco wants to install at the KGV sports ground. The Council had organised a speaker to address the concern of locals whose homes would be directly exposed by the tower. The speakers name was Michael Bangay and he presents himself as an independent expert with decades of experience in Electro Magnetic Radiation safety measures. Mr Bangay is an ex ARPANSA ( employee and part of the team that established the current safety standards that all Telcos must adhere too.

For anyone who has followed the issue of so called SMART wireless tech and the recent 5G deployments etc... you will know that this safety standard is not just obsolete, its downright dangerous. I can honestly say that Mr Bangays presentation did little to ease the fears of residents as there were enough people in the audience who understood what is going on to ask some very direct questions.

While Mr Bangay had an answer for all questions no amount of reference to the ancient ARPANSA standard enshrined in the old dog eared book he frequently held up to the audience...…; was enough to convince people that there is nothing to see here and we can trust the Telcos to behave in the best interests of the community.

I listened to and made the acquaintance of some very interesting people at this meeting who have inspired me to make some effort to raise awareness of this issue again and will be setting up a collaborative action circle. People with some skills in digital media and web design who are willing to give of their time and energy to raise awareness of the hazards of 5G and bring information that will empower the community may find this a valuable opportunity to make a contribution.

This interview between Max Igan and Ray Broomhall is related to this...…;
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